On December 3, 2019 the founder and president of the ACICDDI, Association of Body Image Nurses, Ms. Núria Sáez Gómez has had the pleasure of meeting the entire Board of Nurses College of Peru, and the National Dean of Nurses of Peru, Ms. Mg. Liliana del Carmen, Mrs. Rosa Huertas and the secretary of the National Council of Nurses of Peru, Ms. Leticia Gil Cabanillas.

The meeting, with the purpose of exchanging views on nurses in Peru and Spain, was developed enthusiastically, and finalized with an agreement of collaboration and agreement between the ACICDDI Association and the National Council of Peru to shake hands and with it the possibility to approach us more in subjects like the corporal image in the oncological patient, in burned patients, in transgender patients, and in premature physiological aging and a wide range of new doors within the competences of the nurses.

After the meeting, Núria Séz was interviewed by Mr. Wilder Orbegoso Velezmoro for the purpose of making her presence public in Lima, and to know more about the role of body image management nurses. Thanks to his patience and professionalism, the recording turned out to be a great journalistic excellence.