The Association of Catalan Nurses in Body Image Management and Aesthetic Dermatology (ACICDDI) held its first annual conference at the Official Nurse’s College of Barcelona (COIB) on 27 March 2019. Students and nurses in attendance were treated to fascinating presentations by leading Spanish and Catalan experts in the field. Some speakers recounted and defended the historical and present role of nurses in minor surgery, while others took the opportunity to contrast their international experiences with the service and attitudes associated to Body Image Management in Catalonia and Spain today. Speakers focused on the different practices falling under Body Image Management and Aesthetic Dermatology: self-esteem management, the practical management of ostomies and of prostheses, micropigmentation and other forms of assistance dealing with the challenges of a changed body. All speakers demonstrated the importance of the formal and informal recognition of these practices, unanimously viewed as essential in helping patients retain their self-worth and indeed health after major surgery. Device, products, and solutions providers were also invited to exhibit their products, ranging from ostomy solutions to wigs for chemotherapy patients and skin care products. The result was an afternoon of information-sharing and awareness-building for this growing field of nursing aiming to be recognized as a core competency.

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